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Reliable Acorn, an internet marketing consulting company based in Fort Mill, is looking for new writers. They will ghost-write for our clients’ blogs (and produce other content for their websites).

A good writer will:

  • Be able to research a topic that we provide and write something new and interesting about that topic.
  • Have good grammar and pay attention to detail.
  • Understand how writing for a blog is different than other kinds of content. Bonus points if you already have a blog!
  • Are organized and can work without much supervision.
  • Can use Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Willing to let us publish your content under our name. This is a ghost-writing assignment.

What’s in this for our writers?

  • We pay you per piece of content you provide. This isn’t an hourly job but a project-based job. We’ll provide you with a 1099 at the end of the year. You can tell us how much you charge for each article we ask for. That’s right: you decide how much you make!
  • You’ll have up to two weeks to complete your article. Do this in your free-time or whenever’s convenient. We don’t even mind if you’re using this to supplement your income from your full-time job.
  • While we can’t give you credit for writing the articles (since you’d be ghost-writing) we’d be happy to write a reference for you so you can take-on other writing projects.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. We’ll contact you with an assignment (a topic), all the requirements to successfully write for our client, and a deadline.
  2. You provide the article for us by the previously established deadline.
  3. We will pay you upon delivery of the content.
  4. The client will review your content. We’ll provide feedback and ask for one revision for no additional cost. This feedback is to not only produce the quality content for which our clients are looking, but help you learn what our clients need. Some clients fall in love with our writers and insist they write for them again- we want this to be YOU!
  5. Once we have the revision back from you, we’ll publish it on their site under their name. Unfortunately you cannot take public credit for this content.

We love working with new writers! We’ve even helped developed new writers to they now have full-time freelancing careers.

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