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Informatics Nurse at Central Office





Purpose Statement:

The job of Informatics Nurse is done for the purpose/s of overseeing the individual health needs of students; implementing health care plans directed by physicians; ensuring district health care practices comply with the laws relating to student health issues; providing appropriate immediate care for ill, medically fragile and/or injured students; and serving as a health care resource to teachers, staff, and administrators; conducting mandated health screenings and identifying health problems for referral to appropriate parties for proper follow up treatment.


This job reports to the Clinical Lead Nurse.


Essential Functions

  • Administers first aid, medication and specialized medical treatment for the purpose of providing appropriate care for ill, medically fragile and/or injured children.
  • Develop innovative health funding opportunities
  • Manage Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Assesses situations involving students’ safety, abuse (physical, sexual, drug) and other health related issues for the purpose of identifying problems, referring for proper treatment and complying with legal requirements.
  • Assists other personnel for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.
  • Collaborates with parents, students, health care providers, and/or other agencies for the purpose of promoting needed treatment, securing information and complying with legal requirements.
  • Conducts programs and/or activities (e.g. health screening, health education, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring compliance with government mandated requirements.
  • Develops health care plans for the purpose of addressing students’ health needs and implementing health care directions from parents and/or physicians.
  • Directs department functions for the purpose of prioritizing project deadlines and ensuring optimal utilization of personnel.
  • Implements school health care plans for the purpose of providing appropriate care.
  • Maintains contact with parent/guardian for the purpose of alerting them to any changes in student health and/or referring students for further medical/emotional intervention as needed.
  • Maintains health care plans, medical emergency cards, records (e.g. mandated screening, etc.) for the purpose of providing information required by legal and professional standards.
  • Participates in a variety of meetings, workshops and seminars, including IEP, for the purpose of sharing information and/or improving skills/knowledge.
  • Performs home visits and/or hospital visits for the purpose of verifying student status.
  • Prepares a wide variety of written materials (e.g. quantity reports, student activities, correspondence, internal audits, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.
  • Provides training on a variety of health related subjects (e.g. CPR, disaster preparedness, child abuse, health education, etc.) for the purpose of acting as a resource to students, teachers, and other school personnel.
  • Refers students requiring further medical attention for the purpose of providing needed medical/dental treatment, counseling, etc.
  • Reports incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining student’s personal safety, a positive learning environment and adhering to Education Code, district and/or school policies.
  • Reports students with contagious diseases to local public health authorities for the purpose of minimizing infection and complying with the law.
  • Responds to emergency situations for the purpose of addressing immediate safety concerns.


Job Requirements: 


The complex role of the school nurse demands, but is not limited to, an understanding of knowledge of:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) documentation
  • Proficient in excel spreadsheets
  • Knowledge of Medicaid reimbursement processes
  • ICD 10 coding
  • Community, including community as a system and aggregates as clients
  • Pediatric/Adolescent Nursing
  • Public Health/Community Health Nursing
  • Health counseling, mental health and crisis intervention
  • Communicable disease
  • Applicable laws, regulations and standards pertaining to school nursing practice (SC Nurse Practice Act, Standards of School Nursing Practice, SC DHEC)
  • Special education legislation and services
  • Case finding, case management, and health advocacy
  • Family theory, assessment and intervention
  • Leadership, networking and collaboration
  • Ethnic and cultural sensitivity and competence
  • Contemporary health and psychosocial issues that influence children, families and the community
  • Health care delivery systems and the concepts of primary health care
  • Building student, staff and family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy and learning
  • School as a non-traditional health care setting
  • Development, management and evaluation of school health programs
  • Environmental health within the school community


Skills related to the school nurse role include the ability to:

  • Plan, coordinate, delegate and supervise the work of others as appropriate based on SC Nurse Practice Act
  • Plan, coordinate, and supervise the work of others related to EMR
  • Work with other staff and exercise good judgement in appraising situations
  • Make independent and timely nursing decisions and to triage students based on acuity
  • Collect data to direct evidence-based practice
  • Record accurately services rendered and interpret and explain records, reports, activities, health care plans, accommodations and medical interventions
  • Identify health related barriers to learning (i.e., at risk behaviors, financial, cultural, economical)



Responsibilities include: working under limited supervision using standardized practices and/or methods; leading, guiding, and/or coordinating others; and operating within a defined budget. Utilization of resources from other work units may be required to perform the job’s functions. There is some opportunity to impact the Organization’s services.


Working Environment

The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands: occasional lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; some stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling; and significant fine finger dexterity.  Generally the job requires 45% sitting, 45% walking, and 10% standing.  The job is

performed under minimal temperature variations and some hazardous conditions. Ability to lift and transfer students using appropriate lifting techniques as needed.



Three years of recent nursing experience preferably in pediatric, emergency room, and/or public health nursing



Associate degree or Bachelor degree in Nursing



Required Testing                                                        

Pre-employment TB Test


Certificates & Licenses

SC Certification as a Registered Nurse

Current Basic Life Support certification


Continuing Educ. / Training                                   

None Specified



Satisfactory SLED (SC Law Enforcement Division) report; outstanding references from current and former employers

SC or compact state Nursing License in good standing


FLSA Status                                                                 



Salary Grade

Teacher Scale


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