Affinity Health Center

Psychiatric Advance Practice Provider

Affinity Health Center seeks an Advance Practice Practitioner specializing in Psychiatry with ability to serve children and adults. Responsible for diagnosing and treating patient conditions and their causes. Interviews patients about symptoms and complaints, and determines whether a psychiatric disorder has a physiological or emotional basis. Screens patients for physical illness and analyze explanations for psychiatric illness, such as developmental issues, family dysfunction, genetics, neurological trauma or social or cultural problems. Conducts assessment of risk factors for mental illness and broader wellness evaluations. Conducts individual, group or family counseling sessions, and writes prescriptions for psychotropic medications under the direction of supervising physician. Monitors the use of medications and document treatment results. Participates as a member of the patient care team, collaborating with primary care providers, behavioral health team and others involved in the patients’ care. Provides services in-person and through telehealth, in an outpatient community health center site and school-based site.

Pay range: $95,000-$115,000/ year

Competitive benefits


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