SkyNet Consulting Group

Customer Service Representative

Customer service / Sales/ Marketing/ support roles – immediate openings! We are located in Rock Hill, SC!


No experience required. Customer Service/Marketing/Business Experience is a plus, but not a requirement.
Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. College Degree again is preferred, but not required.
Be authorized to work in the United States. (This is required for real.)
Background check required. (This one too 🙂 ).
A sense of humor is a must!!!
Competitive nature, sports enthusiasts, team player and student mentality are all bonus characteristics.
At SkyNet Consulting Group, Inc., all degrees are considered since we believe that people with a passion for learning and growing are the key to success in the business and marketing and sales world!

You’ll have the chance to learn and apply transferable business skills such as:

* Sales and Product Presentation

* Client Relations and Customer service

* Recruitment and Development

* Administration and Planning

* Team Leadership and Trainee Management

We are now striving to attract and train the most capable and skilled individuals to help us acquire new clients, grow into new markets and develop new campaigns. We provide full training and career advancement in this globally expanding industry.

All degrees and qualifications will be considered but a student-mentality and desire to learn are essential for those wanting to make the most of this opportunity.

Full-time availability is ideal because you get out what you put in, but we can offer flexible schedules to a certain extent. Part time positions are on a case by case basis.

Customer Service, Retail or Sales experience is great background experience because you’ll be working directly with customers during the initial stages. A competitive nature, leadership traits and the ability to work as a team are characteristics we value here.

Understanding our clients’ needs and meeting their expectations time and time again has helped Skynet Consulting gain a competitive advantage.

Counseling / Customer Service / General Labor / Government / Military / Healthcare / Human Resources / Law Enforcement / Security / Real Estate / Restaurant / Food Service / Retail / Sales

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