Family Trust Federal Credit Union

Branch Manager

Responsible for the general administration and supervision of all activities related to the daily operations of the branch. This includes ensuring the ultimate level of quality service for members. Responsible for the motivation, development and supervision of the branch employees, and for enforcing the policies and philosophies set forth by the Board of Directors and management. Includes responsibility for leading, directing and managing the lending function, including the responsibility for the other lending staff in their branch. Ultimately responsible for the management of the cash operations to include the tellers and the vault, in accordance with policy, regulatory authority and the audit/ security procedures of the credit union.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Serve effectively as the liaison between branch employees and credit union management by representing employees’ concerns and their best interests to management; and by representing the goals, objectives, philosophies and strategies of management to the employees.
  • Ensure that the philosophies, policies, and lending standards, as set forth by the board and management are properly followed by branch staff.
  • Establish internal controls to ensure that the policies, procedures, and audit/ control processes related to the teller and vault cash functions are properly followed. This shall include the delegation of authority and establishing appropriate accountability.
  • Work effectively with management to develop branch business plans, budgets and business development plans
  • Performs other job related duties as assigned.
  • Represents the branch as appropriate in its relationships with members, sponsor organizations(s), suppliers, other financial institutions, and similar groups.
  • Ensure that the high standards for member service are maintained by leading others and setting an example.
  • Work effectively with the Loan Management Committee through the VP Member Services to ensure quality of lending function and increased productivity.
  • Properly staffing and scheduling employees to ensure that member service is adequately provided during peak periods, while maximizing employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Develop training and cross-training programs for branch employees to in assist in their development along their desired career path, and to ensure that the branch is able to cover all job duties, including back-up during staff absences or vacation.
  • In conjunction with the Human Resources Department, hire, review, schedule, train, direct, and monitor the work of direct reports; allocate resources to meet operational needs within the department.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of employees’ job performance.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience: Two years to five years of similar or related experience.
  • Education: (1) A two year college degree or (2) Completion of a specialized course of study at a business or trade school or (3) Completion of a specializes and extensive in-house training or apprenticeship program.
  • Interpersonal Skills: The ability to motivate or influence others is a material part of the job, requiring a significant level of diplomacy and trust. Obtaining cooperation (internally and/or externally) is an important part of the job.
  • Other Skills: Ability to make decisions which are consistent with credit

Banking / Finance

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