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Machine Operator- Seasonal

Salary Range:$12.5000 To $18.0000 Hourly

Job Description: Machine Operator

  • Machine Operators are responsible for completing a rigorous process to be trained and certified on different pieces of equipment beginning with tractor operation training and ending with the possibility of being a certified bobcat operator.
  • Machine operators will be responsible for the completion of training on multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Machine operators will be required to move product around the farm in a timely manner, and to perform other tasks on the farm as required of a machine operator.


  • Machine operator position includes tractor, sit down gas forklift, trike, scissor lift and bob cat training.
  • Completed course training with an in class training, a standardized test on equipment and completion of obstacle course with a passing evaluation.
  • To move onto the next levels of training machine operators must be always aware of their surroundings.
  • Machine operators must have good attendance and must be on time every day as the farm depends heavily on machine operators.
  • Machine operators must be confident on the machinery that they are operating and must be able to maneuver through tight areas without causing harm to team members or damage to property.
  • Machine operators must be willing to be held personally responsible for any damage or mistreatment of any kind to any equipment on the farm.


  • Machine operators are responsible for fueling equipment when the fuel gauge reaches ¼ tank, using diesel fuel.
  • Machines that are fueled by propane tanks will be changed after the tank is completely empty.
  • Machine operators must be able to trouble shoot and identify the safest way around the fields, farms, and docks.
  • Machine operators must be sure to park all equipment in designated areas before they can leave.
  • Machine operators are required to help load crops on the field and unload crops onto the dock.
  • Machine operators must be very aware of surroundings including team members, pathways, and any other obstacles on the farm.
  • Machine operators must inspect vehicles at the start of each shift or the first time operating for that day. Operators should be sure to check diesel, oil, hydraulic fluid, lights, tires, and tow hitch before operation each day. A cosmetic inspection must also be completed at the start of each shift to ensure no unreported damage or incidents.
  • Machine operators are responsible to assure their assigned equipment is running at its best and must report any damages immediately to an area manager.
  • Machine operators are required to report any accidents, regardless of how minor to a team leader or an area manager.
  • Machine operators must listen and follow all direction of a team leader/area manager/director regarding job assignments.

Metrolina Greenhouses is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Some weekends and overtime may be required

Machine Operator

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