McGee Enterprises, Inc.

CNC Machinist

We have an immediate need for an experienced CNC machinist on 1st (6:00am-6:00pm Monday-Thursday, 6:00am-2:30pm Friday & 6:00am-noon Saturday) & 2nd shift (Monday-Friday 6:00pm-6:00am M-F). These are current weekly hours and can very based on workload.

Job Summary:

Operate press brake, shear, angle line, iron workers, plasma table, saws and uses steel expertise to prepare steel for structural use.

Essential Job Functions and Qualifications

  1. Maintain good attendance and reliability.
  2. Accurately read and inspect the cutting list of materials and shop orders.
  3. Accurately read and understand shop drawings and shop orders.
  4. Correctly compare the grade of steel to the cutting list.
  5. Have proper understanding of the verification of job number, sequence number, and release number on the cut sheets.
  6. Know CM Steel shop standard color codes.
  7. Accurately distinguish between the sizes, thicknesses, length, and width of the material to be processed on the press brake.
  8. Verify that quantity, size, thickness, length, piece mark, job number, and material grade; if applicable are correct prior to bending. Report any discrepancies to supervisor.
  9. Accurately read tape measure or other measuring devices to 1/16”.
  10. Have knowledge of the tools, machines, equipment, and materials used in a steel fabricating shop.
  11. Accurately distinguish between sizes, thicknesses, length, and width of the shapes to be processed on the press brake.
  12. Properly use bevels and degrees to accurately bend materials.
  13. Accurately program items to be processed on the press brake.
  14. Properly operate the press brake in the most efficient ways possible and have a good knowledge of each function of the press brake.
  15. Make sure that bends are square, true, and accurate.
  16. Make sure that piece mark, job number, sequence (if applicable), and grade, if applicable is clearly and accurately marked on each piece. Large quantities may be placed in a container and the quantity, piece mark, job number, sequence, etc. is clearly and accurately written on the container.
  17. Clearly and properly mark or indicate material used on pull sheets or cut sheets and turn in completed sheets showing materials pulled, daily. Paperwork must be kept accurate for office personnel.
  18. Clearly mark or color code drops or materials returned to stock.
  19. Perform daily inspection of job, piece marks, and due dates and let supervisor know status.
  20. Assure quantity and quality of work before sending to next operation.
  21. Operate pendant or remote controlled bridge crane safely and efficiently.
  22. Operate forklift safely and efficiently.
  23. Perform routine maintenance checks and routine maintenance.
  24. Have an “ear” for potential machine problems by being able to describe and diagnose the current machine issue.
  25. Be aware and responsible of surrounding environment and safety orientated with this environment.
  26. Maintain clean machine, and good housekeeping, keeping area neat and orderly at all times.
  27. Be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs over shoulder height frequently.
  28. Be able to speak and understand enough English to accurately follow basic instructions.
  29. Accurately and properly clock in and out on all different jobs and all shop orders worked on.
  30. Work required hours to help meet production schedule and satisfy the needs of internal customers.
  31. Perform other duties as required by management.

Qualified candidate must also have a clean criminal history, be able to pass pre-employment & random drug screening as well as have a valid driver’s license & reliable transportation. If you are qualified and interested please reply to this positing with a current detailed resume including professional references.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Machine Operator / Manufacturing / Mechanical

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