Insurance Institute of Business & Home Safety

Behavioral Economist

Convinced that the continuing cycle of human suffering that strikes families and communities in the wake of severe weather can be broken, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) is a team of scientists and risk communicators who deliver strategies to build safer and stronger homes and businesses. IBHS’ real-world impact enables the insurance industry and affected property owners to prevent avoidable losses.

IBHS is an independent, nonprofit, scientific research and communications organization supported solely by property and casualty insurers and reinsurers that conduct business in the U.S. or reinsure risks located in the U.S.

IBHS is seeking a multi-disciplinary economist to join its product design and research team. The successful candidate will help better understand the human response to natural perils and help identify key strategies to communicate the need for our homes and business to be more resilient to severe weather.  The successful candidate will work within the IBHS product design team while overlapping in both our science research and media groups to develop and improve associated outputs that educate the public-at-large, determine the most appropriate communication channels for disseminating results, convey insights to IBHS member insurance companies, and improves construction practices either through codes and standards or voluntary programs. The successful candidate will also help guide the product design and media teams on the appropriate communication channels for the diverse types of research outputs and diverse audiences.

As a member of the product design team, the candidate will have flexibility and responsibility in developing collaborative approaches to achieve results. They must demonstrate a clear commitment to true multi-disciplinary collaboration and interacting with colleagues at all levels and functions within the organization. The successful candidate will have deep, demonstrable experiences showing Integrity, Professional Excellence, Credibility, and Real-World Impact — the core values of IBHS.


Potential candidates must demonstrate experience that can relate to these broad areas:

  • The societal and environmental factors associated with vulnerability and resilience;
  • How weather and climate risk can be best communicated;
  • How vulnerability to weather-related hazards can be alleviated; and how long-term mitigation and adaptation to can be achieved;
  • Risk and uncertainty in decision making; how information is coproduced, interpreted, and used;
  • Understanding of methods to measure communication effectiveness;
  • Understanding of how different communication channels can be used for disseminating information effectively.

The potential candidates must possess these core competencies:

  • Excellent analytical skills, with an ability to analyze and interpret information quickly, and make decisions about next courses of actions
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Focused on practical outputs, with excellent writing and oral communications skills
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements or current events


  • Master’s degree in Behavioral Economics or a closely related field.  Ph.D not required, but welcomed.

The position is based in the Charlotte-metro area of the Carolinas and housed at the IBHS Research Center. Some travel is required.


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