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Tool & Parts Attendant

Job Summary – Tools and Parts Attendant, Richburg SC


The Tools and Parts Attendant receives and ship, stores, and distributes:

•Spare Parts

•Machine tools

•Replacement parts

•Shop supplies and equipment

•Measuring devices

Principal Accountabilities

•Keep records of tools issued to and returned by workers, searches for lost or misplaced tools

•Prepare periodic inventory or keeps perpetual inventory and requisitions stock as needed.

•Unpack and store new equipment.

•Visually inspect tools or measures with micrometer for wear or defects and reports damaged or worn-out equipment to superiors.

•May coat tools with grease or other preservative.

•May attach identification tags or engrave identifying information on tools and equipment using electric marking tool.

•Perform other qualified duties as assigned.

•Knowledge & Skills

•Knowledge of supply procedures.

•Ability to read and interpret typewritten print.

•Ability to use a computer, familiarity with Microsoft Office tools.

•Must be able to work day or night shift.

•Specialized training or tool room experience preferred.


Experience & Education

•High School diploma or equivalent is required.

•Completion of a specialized training school is desirable.

•3-5 years’ experience as a tool and parts clerk preferred.

•Maintenance, mechanic, or general tool experience preferred.

•Specialized training or tool room experience

•Physical Requirements/Working Environment

•May be required to carry, push or pull up to 50 pounds.

•Must be eligible for a security clearance if

•May work in Aircraft maintenance hangar or outside in varying weather conditions.

•Required to climb, stand, stoop, bend, stretch, crouch and work in tiring and uncomfortable position.

•Frequently lifts parts and equipment up to 20 pounds.

Manufacturing / Mechanical

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