Giti Tire USA

Senior Chemist

Basic Function

This position is responsible for formulating the tire body and tread compounds that deliver the desired performance. He/she conducts lab studies based on current and emerging industry trends and competitive intelligence, which culminate in formulations compatible with program objectives and processing capabilities of manufacturing plants. Travel to international (China & other) and domestic destinations several times a year may be required to accomplish these responsibilities.

To perform this job successfully, the individual shall be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the tire industry, and should maintain a strong relationship with the supplier base. He/she is expected to perform a variety of tasks. A wide degree of creativity, initiative, integrity, self-discipline and excellent communication skills are required.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Works with internal and external laboratories to conduct compound development studies and to specify recipes for new and improved tire compounds.
  2. Supplies tire rubber formulations to manufacturing and recommends physical property limits, mix cycles, and workaway outlets for the excess stock.
  3. Develops new laboratory tests to improve prediction of product performance characteristics.
  4. Maintains a close relationship and meets regularly with suppliers of raw materials.
  5. Attends conferences and industry events, and takes training and professional development courses.
  6. Represents the company in trade organizations, standardizing bodies, and customer meetings.
  7. Trains other Chemists and develops and maintains the compounding handbook.
  8. Performs other duties as assigned.


Skills / Qualifications

Excellent Oral/Written Communication

MS Office Proficiency

Team Player


Excellent Organizational Skills

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Sensitivity to Cultural Differences

Project Management

Time Management


Education / Training

This position requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or equivalent combination of education and experience as a Compounding Chemist within the tire industry.



Experience in the area of rubber compounding is required.


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