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Security Officer

Security Officer Security officers perform various functions to keep company property and environment safe and crime free.

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly performed by officers in charge of security in organizations are shown in the job description example below:

  • Protect and/or watch over company assets and spaces
  • Set alarm to provide alert in case there is any form of disturbance or emergency within the environment
  • Sound alarm or place necessary calls to the appropriate authorities (police or fire service) in case of any emergency
  • Secure spaces and ensure the safety of those within company environment

Control and

  • supervise the entrance of both individuals and vehicles in the office area
  • Capture and detain offenders in case further investigation is required
  • Warn people of consequences of breaking certain rules like loitering and trespassing
  • Monitor the exit of all employees to avoid theft of company properties
  • Maintain written logs
  • Provide assistance to employees and company customers in a friendly and polite manner



If you are interested in working as a security officer, the requirements and qualifications you need to have to access the role with most employers include:

  • Ability to communicate (possess good communication skills) effectively at all times
  • Must be an individual that has an eye for little details. That is to say that the security officer must be observant at all times
  • Must have good interpersonal skills, i.e., he/she must be a people person
  • Must be proactive in nature. He/she must be someone that acts fast whenever necessary
  • Must be able to work effectively as part of a team or lead a team if need be
  • The security officer must be customer-friendly
  • Must have the ability to evaluate and assess any given situation properly. In other words, he/she must possess good analytical skills
  • Must also be good at decision-making
  • Must be able to operate radio or telephone equipment as this is important in dispatching his/her duties efficiently
  • At least one year of verifiable experience in a similar role

Law Enforcement / Security

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