Filtration Group




At a bench, conveyor or on the floor, pack air filters in designated cartons according to customer specifications and company policies.



  1. Under general supervision, perform a variety of tasks requiring a good working knowledge of materials, tools, machines and equipment, including, but not limited to:  folding, assembling, laying or rolling stock, inspecting and cutting
  2. Immediately report to supervisor or group leader any unusual material, equipment problems or work conditions that would hinder operations, represents deviations from quality standards, good manufacturing practices or adversely affects safety standards.
  3. Keep track of productions requirements as it pertains to packing i.e.
    1.  obtaining and setting up correct number of boxes for each customer’s order
    2. Completing simple math to ensure quality control (correct number of filters are in each box)
  4. Must keep production log i.e.  Keeping track of number of items packed in an hour vs. what is expected and or required.
  5. Perform simple, routine and repetitive tasks using standard procedures.
  6. Maintain housekeeping in assigned work area at all times of line stoppage during production runs and at the end of the shift.
  7. Perform all duties safely, wearing required personal protective equipment, such as: gloves, apron, safety glasses, back support, etc.
  8. Must have basic computer skills (for printing labels)
  9. Observe all safety rules and immediately report hazards to the supervisor.
  10. Be punctual and at work daily.
  11. Follow all company rules and regulations, per the Employee Handbook or department policy. Perform other duties as required.



  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • 2-3 years’ work experience in related field a plus
  • Must be able to read, write, and count.
  •  Good hand eye coordination. Good communication skills
  •  Must be able to work sitting or standing for up to 8 hours.
  • Must be able to work flexible hours.
  • Follow all plant and departmental safety rules and regulations.

Manufacturing / Mechanical

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