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Multi Craft Technician – Shift 1


Filtration Group is on a mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.   With a passionate workforce, global footprint and world class engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we are driving innovation and developing solutions across a broad spectrum of applications in the fast-growing global filtration industry.   We are committed to maintaining an entrepreneurial culture built on a foundation of trust and in which our leaders exhibit a strong bias for action.

The Company began in 2009 and has rapidly grown to be a global leader in the highly attractive filtration industry.   With revenues of $1.6 billion, Filtration Group is consistently recognized as the fastest growing and one of the largest filtration businesses in the world.   With over 7,000 employees, the Company serves its customers from a global footprint of 105 facilities in over 25 countries.  Filtration Group operates across a wide variety of attractive end markets and produces mission critical products with high replacement rates.   Over 80% of the Company’s revenue comes from replacement / consumable products, many of which are specified into customer’s products or processes.

Filtration Group is an affiliate of Madison Industries, one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. Madison builds entrepreneurially driven, branded market leaders that are committed to making the world safer, healthier and more productive by creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding customer value. The team at Madison is committed to building something truly remarkable that long outlasts them while coaching others to reach their highest potential.  Please visit Madison at www.madison.net.


  • Plan details of working procedure by determining replacement needs or new material required and develop a logical approach to correct the problem.
  • Analyze circuits, wiring diagrams and drawings to install, repair, calibrate, service or replace electronic devices and systems.
  • Analyze mechanical and operational problems on assigned equipment and plan for and take corrective action. Make necessary corrections and running adjustments to maintain maximum production and quality.
  • Test equipment to check operation. Clear jams and set aside product for inspection and/or rework. Test equipment after repairs, changeovers or extended down time.
  • Receive wiring diagrams, specifications and instructions from supervisor covering emergency and scheduled repair, installation, and electrical inspection work to be performed.
  • Perform work requiring a thorough knowledge of electrical theory and principles, statutory codes, properties of materials and principles of operation of electrical equipment. Start-up and shut-down equipment in accordance with established company and OSHA safety procedures for machine activation and shutdown. Observe “Lockout/Tagout” procedures as required.
  • Service electronic equipment by checking, testing, and replacing faulty components, circuits, printed circuit boards, and similar electronic devices.
  • Install, repair, and maintain communication cables and power distribution cables. Splice pieces as required.
  • Fabricate parts if not commercially available, using machine and hand tools common to the trade.
  • Determine need for, analyze, and make necessary running adjustments, repairs, and overhauls.
  • Advise and caution operators and mechanics about potential electrical problems and inherent dangers involved.
  • Notify supervisor of potentially dangerous and/or recurring electrical problems, equipment malfunctions and supplies needed. Takes related corrective action(s). Order replacement parts ensuring no loss in production time due to equipment maintenance and repair.
  • May instruct and/or direct trainees or contractors.
  • Interface with other departments on projects and special needs.
  • Follow established safety procedures.
  • Use necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Ensure all work meets regulatory requirements.
  • Make process or quality improvement suggestions, as observed.
  • Report to work on time daily prepared and able to perform all duties.
  • Candidate will be responsible for devices such as pressure differential gages, transducers, panel meters, load cells, temperature controllers, variable speed drives, programmable logic controllers, running circuits and installing electrical conduit.
  • Be familiar with radio frequency heat sealing equipment such as Hall Dielectric or Thermatron.
  • Able to create communication cables.
  • Able to read electrical schematics with the understanding of what each component contributes to that circuit, able to read electrical meters.
  • Able to troubleshoot and repair and replace AC/DC motors, Servo motors, gearboxes and the related drive for each motor.
  • Able to work on equipment with or without schematics.
  • Collects equipment operation and history data to facilitate repairs and reliability improvements.
  • Familiar with high voltage breakers and 3 phase power distribution systems.
  • Provides maintenance manager all required information to order new or replacement parts.
  • Actively participates in Kaizen events.
  • May perform other duties.


  • Two years of collegiate-level technical or vocational training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Knowledgeable of NEMA code.
  • Four years of previous related experience and a thorough understanding of manufacturing operation requirements.
  • Proven experience with electrical aspects of hydraulic, mechanical, PLC, robotics, and HVAC equipment. Proficient using general shop equipment, tools and hand tools.
  • Able to climb in overhead structures, work beneath machines and in close quarters performing analysis and repair work.
  • High degree of precision working with minimum tolerances required. High degree of attention and care required to prevent injury to others which responsible for flow of electrical power. Exposed to high voltage electricity.
  • High level of mental and visual acuity. Requires reaching, stretching, standing, lifting, bending and squatting.
  • May need to lift over 100 lbs.
  • PC literacy, TQM knowledge and ISO familiarity preferred.
  • Safety oriented self-motivated team player.
  • Meets company’s substance abuse testing requirements; as a safety sensitive position, may be subject to substance testing per company policy.
  • English skills preferred.


Manufacturing / Mechanical

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