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Washes and stores properly all dishes, pots, pans, trays, eating utensils cups, and small equipment for the restaurant. Maintains the dish room and dish machine in a sanitary and efficient manner.

• May set up and/or break down dish machine, including arms, screens and baskets.
• Maintains cleanliness of dish machine both inside and out.
• Checks machine to be sure it is operating correctly, checking for proper wash and rinse temperature and reports any defects immediately. Changes water as needed for best results.
• Washes and stores in proper places all dishes, trays, utensils, cups, and small equipment for the department. Ensures proper flow of dishes through dish machine so not to have dirty dishes backed up.
• Abides by local, state and federal health regulations.
• Removes trash from dish room and places in dumpster. Cleans and sanitizes garbage cans and keeps clean liners in cans at all times.
• Cleans and keeps neat and safe dish room area including detergent storage area.
• Scrapes all pans and pre washes before putting into washing machine. May wash pots by hand using prescribed amounts of soap and sanitizer. Ensures that all food, grease, and residue are removed.
• Ensures items are air dried before storing. Stores in a neat fashion and rotates stock so all items get used regularly.
• Exercises initiative in helping keep area clean and helps keep trash and standing water off the floor.
• Responsible for maintaining a clean lot and landscape area, free of debris and trash.
• Responsible for keeping the public restrooms clean and sanitary.
• May assist in unloading and stocking product deliveries.
• May prepare baked potatoes for cooking.
• May assist line cooks when necessary.

• Entry level position. No experience required.
• High school degree preferred, but not required. Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English.

• Must be able to bend and stoop frequently.
• Must be able to work in damp, wet area stand and exert well-paced mobility for periods of up to 5 hours in length.
• Must have the ability to lift objects of up to 50 pounds in weight.
• Must be able to speak clearly and listen attentively to management and other associates.
• Must wear slip resistant shoes at all time while working.

Fatz is an Equal Opportunity and E-Verify Employer.
This job description is a summary and not all inclusive of position duties and responsibilities.

Restaurant / Food Service

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