PVC Fittings Online

When the owners of Commercial Industrial Supply (CIS) saw a need for a residential/consumer PVC marketplace, they created PVC Fittings Online in 2011 to bring PVC and CPVC pipes, fittings, valves, and more to the consumer. Since then, PVC Fittings Online has grown to become a top leader in the plumbing supply industry. We pride ourselves in offering products at a large scale to bring consumers the lowest possible prices.

Among our variety of products, we offer PVC pipe (such as Schedule 40 and 80, which can be found here), PVC and CPVC fittings (here), valves (such as these), and PVC accessories to the US market. We also provide plumbing supplies for any bathroom or kitchen project. Check out our selections.

At PVC Fittings Online, we make it a priority to offer high-quality products at the best price while also providing excellent customer service!