Prosthetic & Orthotic Institute

Provider of Orthotic & Prosthetic Care in Charlotte, Rock Hill, and Lancaster

Prosthetic and Orthotic Company Serving the Greater Charlotte Area

Built on compassion, communication, and collaboration, POI prioritizes positive patient outcomes. We believe you can achieve your goals with the right support, and our clinicians are here to help.

The right prosthetic or orthotic can increase your mobility. Our team works with you every step of the step – from the comprehensive evaluation to the initial fitting to any necessary repairs. Finding your perfect fit has never been easier with POI.

Our company provides a range of personalized prosthetic & orthotic solutions to meet our patients’ specific needs. Some of our services include:

Although we primarily provide patient care in Charlotte, we also have locations in Rock Hill and Lancaster, SC. Review our prosthetic and orthotic services today then contact us to schedule your first appointment!