Local Roots, Global Impact

Koppers was established in December 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and became a publicly-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2006.

Strong Local Ties

In the towns where Koppers facilities are located, we are often a major employer in the community. In many instances, our current plants were once owned and operated by other businesses, so the community’s ties to the production facilities are well-established.

For example, our plant in Somerville, Texas was originally built in the late 1800s by another manufacturing company and after changing hands several times, it became a Koppers facility in 1995. Koppers is proud to be a part of the town’s industrial heritage and strives to have a positive economic, social, and environmental impact on the community.

We have established deep roots not only in U.S. communities but also in communities located throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, China and New Zealand.

Our facilities around the world are key contributors to local economies, providing jobs to hundreds of local residents and tax revenues to town and municipalities.

Our efforts however, go beyond economical impact. We strive to be a responsible neighbor by engaging with our communities to understand their concerns, communicating with community members about our operations, and supporting the community-based resources and causes that are most important to each individual facility location.

Read more about our community involvement by visiting the Koppers Cares About Communities section of this Website.

Strong Global Impact

While our manufacturing facilities have established strong ties with our local communities, Koppers is a global leader in the markets it serves: railroad and utility products, coal tar distillation and specialty chemical production.

Our core businesses are rooted in the mature economies of North America, Western Europe and Australia.

Outside of our core operating regions, however, we are steadily increasing our exposure to business opportunities in the emerging markets of South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

With our Carbon Materials and Chemicals (CMC) business closely tied to the aluminum and steel manufacturing industries, our Railroad and Utility Products and Services (RUPS) unit dependent upon infrastructure growth, and our Performance Chemicals (PC) wood preservation and treatment business supporting the construction industry, we are continually exploring opportunities for our business in regions that are poised for industrial expansion.

Balancing both the mature and emerging markets will enable Koppers to lay the groundwork for the continued growth of our company.