Chemsolv, Inc.

What makes Chemsolv the distributor of choice? We are a safety and environmentally conscious corporation maintaining a large and diverse inventory of industrial and specialty chemicals. Our state of the art fulfillment system and our staff of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals allow us to deliver our products quickly and accurately to more than 1400 customers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Chemsolv, Inc. is a growing organization that is poised for the future in the Mid-Atlantic chemical distribution industry. Chemsolv was founded in November 1979 in Roanoke, Virginia under the leadership of current President, Mr. Glenn Austin. The company is well established as one of the 75 largest distributors in the United States.

Chemsolv has been built by a solid service team of managers and staff dedicated to satisfying a highly diversified customer base. Annual sales growth has often exceeded 18% per annum.


Chemsolv represents over 100 manufacturers of industrial chemicals, silicones, solvents, lubricants, metalworking fluids, and other specialty products, all of which are supported by a commitment to the continuous improvement in our operating practices, and The Responsible Distribution Process of the NACD.