Cap Yarns, LLC


Cap Yarns is a specialty yarn manufacturer that goes way beyond the basics and is a leader in developing unique yarns for the knitting and weaving industry.

Cap Yarns has manufacturing plants in the Carolinas with high end fiber blending, sliver, roving and spinning frames to produce unique yarns. These specialty yarns include heathers, streaky, slubs, nubs, noils, melange and vintage combinations.

Cap Yarns specializes in producing dual-blends and tri-blends of Cotton (including Cationic Cotton, Organic Cotton, Pima Cotton), Polyester (including Recycled Polyester and Biodegradable Polyester), Rayon, Modal, Flax, Bamboo, Wool and more.


We strive to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver excellent customer service.


We do knitting samples to show you the look of our yarn in fabric form. You approve the color and quality from the start of the process.


Quality is the core of everything we do. With our unique fiber blending and modular processes, we obtain innovative product while maintaining consistent quality.

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Cap Yarns in Clover, SC
401 Guinn St., Clover SC 29710