4 Reasons to Hire Local

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4 Reasons to Hire Local

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Learn a few reasons why it benefits you, a business owner or hiring manager, to hire local employees who are part of the community.

Makes Interviewing and Vetting Easy

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at local candidates is that interviews, drug tests, and any other vetting you need to do is easy. Short commutes solve a ton of the typical pains of the hiring process. If you need to bring in a candidate multiple times before making a hiring decision, it won’t be nearly as difficult for them as someone who lives 30+ minutes away from your workplace. Plus, if you decide you need a candidate to come in on short notice, they are more likely to agree.

Because employees are close, you will also go through fewer candidates on average. Living close to their workplace is a huge benefit for most job-seekers, so interviewing local candidates will result in filling your available position much more quickly.

Decreases Chance of Employees Leaving

As mentioned before, proximity is a significant factor for overall job satisfaction. If an employee had to pick between a 45 minute commute and a 5 minute commute for the same job, it’s obvious which one they’d choose. It just makes sense to hire local workers. The more satisfied they are with their job, the less likely they are to leave. That means you don’t have to constantly look for workers to replace those who left you for a shorter commute.

In short, hiring local talent is an easy way to fill your workplace with dedicated workers who love their jobs.

Glen Cairn Garden in Rock Hill, SC
Glen Cairn Garden in Rock Hill, SC

Brings Great Press to your Business

Nothing makes a better story than a local business strengthening the local economy by hiring local workers. It’s great for the community, so it’s the perfect thing to publicize. A local workforce is something you can leverage in marketing, business strategy, and more. You may even be approached by news stations or conferences to talk about how you built your company using workers from your community.

Strengthens Community and Company Network

Another great reason to hire employees from a local candidate pool is that it strengthens the community both outside and inside your company. Local people have local connections, which may show up in the form of additional qualified workers they know. Growing your company network in this way is a fantastic way to boost company growth. It also strengthens the bond between your employees, who will like their job more if they know and trust their coworkers.

The more local connections your employees have, the stronger your companies community presence will be. If people around town all know someone who works at your business, that increases the status of your company enormously. It pays off to utilize your local workforce.

Fountain Park Downtown Rock Hill, SC
Fountain Park in Rock Hill, SC

How to Hire Local Workers

The best part about being an employer seeking employees in Rock Hill is how easy the area is to market. Highlight the community in your job postings to show candidates all the benefits of living and working in Rock Hill.

Rock Hill is a rapidly growing city with parks, shopping, fine dining, arts, music, breweries, coffee shops, and more. Cherry Park, Glencairn Garden, Fountain Park, and Winthrop Lake are all wonderful places to relax outdoors, take a walk, go for a jog, or enjoy a picnic. If your potential employees enjoy food (and who doesn’t?) there’s Food Truck Friday, farmers markets, the Flipside, the Roasting Company, Five & Dine, and tons more great eats.

Pump House Restaurant Rock Hill, SC
Pump House Restaurant in Rock Hill, SC

Are local breweries important to your workers? Then Rock Hill has Legal Remedy, Rock Hill Brewing Company, Slow Play, and Dust Off. It seems like more microbreweries pop up every day, so they have plenty of options. There is also great nightlife, with bars like McHale’s, Millstone, Tattooed Brews, and Player 1 Up. There is also tons of entertainment at restaurants, breweries, and the Concerts at the Courtroom live music series.

Also be sure to mention the growing downtown, which has new business moving in all the time. It’s also expanding, with the Knowledge Park project, which is developing the area between downtown and Winthrop University for a more connected city.

Whatever your employees want in a home, they can find it in Rock Hill. Whether they live in the area or you are trying to motivate them to move, mentioning all the great aspects of Rock Hill will show them you are an employer that cares about their community.