What Candidates Value According to 2018 Indeed Survey

What Candidates Value According to 2018 Indeed Survey

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In May, Indeed released research from a survey conducted on 2,500 employees. The survey focused on finding out what candidates are really concerned about.

This survey is meant to help companies and recruiters tap into the ever-tightening talent pools to fill roles quickly and efficiently.

To better serve the candidate, it is helpful to know what they value. The following is four of the top findings from the survey:

Money isn’t the top priority

According to the survey, 12 percent of employees cited salary as an important factor in their job current job or in future job quests. Also, 55 percent of employees stated that they would be likely to turn down a pay rise if it meant a work environment they disliked or working with employees they didn’t get along with.

Engagement is vital

21 percent of employees responded that “having a good relationship with colleagues” was more important for satisfaction at work than salary. “Enjoying the job” surpassed co-working relationships and salary 24 percent of employees chose this option and it won the majority. Keeping employees engaged helps them enjoy being at work and happy employees equal quality work.

Candidates value speed of response

Even after an unsuccessful interview, 67 percent would re-apply for a position in an organization. But it’s not just any job to which they would re-apply. 65 percent of candidates rated “speed of response” from an employer as the most important step to establishing employer-employee trust.

Employer brand is a make or break factor

What kind of image does your brand have? Is it positive? We hope so, because 68 percent of candidates said they would turn down a job offer if they knew negative aspects surrounded a company.