Tips for the First Week at Your New Job

Tips for the First Week at Your New Job

The first week starting at any new job can be intimidating; however, if you follow these tips, you just might crush it and impress your colleagues and management.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

This is the time to make sure you know exactly what your role entails and get all the information you can on how to master it. You don’t have to become a professional right out of the gate, but having as much information as you can will help you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to carry around a pen and notepad to take notes as well. You will thank yourself later when you need to reflect back on something.

Be a sponge

This is the week to soak up everything that is going on around you. Pay attention to those who have been in the same position for longer than you have and are high performers. Do they have a routine that you should adopt? If so, write it down and use that to your advantage. Also, figure out the lay of the land. Where are the bathrooms? Printers? Coffee station? These are important.

Get to know your colleagues

When you are learning from colleagues whether that be from shadowing them or just having lunch with them, try to get to know them. It shows you are eager to become a part of the team and they will be more receptive if you need help with something down the line.

Be communicative with your manager

Always make sure you are communicating with your manager. If you master a task, complete a project or anything note-worthy, communicate that with your manager. He/she will be happy to know you are learning and see the effort you are putting forth. If they are busy, shoot them an email at the end of your first week to give a little update on how your transition was and they will see that you want to be successful. On the flipside, if things did not go well, let them know that too. Maybe you need extra trainings and/or help and they would most likely be willing to give you that time at the beginning to ensure you are doing your job correctly and to the best of your abilities.

These are just a few “welcome week” tips for crushing your first week at your new job. Follow these and remember to be respectful, dress the part and learn as much as possible!

Good luck!