Tim McFall: Talent Pipeline Intern

Tim McFall: Talent Pipeline Intern

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The Talent Pipeline Program, funded by a Wells Fargo grant, connects local students to technology based internships at Rock Hill businesses. Tim McFall had two internships through the TPP and one of them turned into a full time job! He is a recent Winthrop University graduate with a degree in Business Administration- Marketing Concentration and a minor in Theatre. Now, Tim is a Web Associate for Commercial Industrial Supply, a PVC pipe supplier, in Rock Hill.

Q: When and where did you intern through the Talent Pipeline Program?
A: I had two internships through the TPP: Commercial Industrial Supply (CIS) and Roots & Recall (R&R). Both are Rock Hill-based. I started working at CIS as a Digital Marketing Intern in March 2016 and worked either on-site or from home as an intern through the end of the Spring 2017 semester. I worked with Wade Fairey at R&R as a Marketing Intern starting in December 2016 and still do some work on-and-off for him.

Q: What was a major takeaway from your internships?
A: My internships taught me several things. Most of all, they taught me that you can learn anything on the job. No matter what skills you lack, you can work at it and learn stuff on the job. You don’t need all the skills or knowledge when you start! Internships are all about learning, so you just need to show how willing you are to learn and that you have a good work ethic.

Q: What was your favorite part of your internships?
A: My favorite part of interning at CIS was learning about SEO, blogs, and social media marketing. I also like the range of responsibilities I had (writing, social media, photography, videography, etc.). AT R&R, I liked being able to be a source of input for the owner of the website. It was just me and Wade most days, and I was being used as a source of knowledge on the internet, how to phrase things, and so on. It was great to feel like I was an expert and having the freedom to make decisions.

Q: What is your current job and position?
A: A week after graduation, I was officially hired by CIS, the company I had been interning with for a little over a year. They are quickly growing and had a lot of other responsibilities they wanted me to take on. It started as a way to get me a few more hours, but then they decided to make a full-time job out of it. My official title is “Web Associate.” Along with my internship responsibilities, such as making PVC projects for the blog, taking product pictures, and that kind of stuff, I am now also adding products to the website, creating entire new sections of the website, working with web development software, and much more. I have much more responsibility now than I did before. And I get BENEFITS!

Q: What are your career goals?
A: For now, my career goals are to keep my job. I’m not exactly sure what I want to “end up doing” or if I want that at all. I would like to be in charge of other people at some point, but that’s about all I have so far in terms of aspirations.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add?
A: I would just like to say that I could be unemployed right now if it weren’t for the TPP, so thank you! Y’all helped my career in huge ways that are still unfolding.

Tim is a true success story of the Talent Pipeline Program. If you are interested in the TPP, as either an intern or employer, contact Frank Keel at frank.keel@cityofrockhill.com.