Talent Pipeline Intern Reflects on Time at RevenFlo

Talent Pipeline Intern Reflects on Time at RevenFlo

Mikayla Catoe worked as a marketing intern for RevenFlo, which is the leader of web teams in the Rock Hill area. RevenFlo organizes and manages teams of web knowledge workers to execute projects for clients.

Mikayla interned with RevenFlo for the Spring 2018 semester. This was her final semester at Winthrop University and she said she gained so much from this interning experience.

“I was hoping to get a good internship while I was completing my last semester of college and I was thrilled when I landed the internship with RevenFlo.”

Mikayla was responsible for writing and managing RevenFlo’s blog posts and social media channels. She was also given a client to help manage. She wrote weekly blog posts, kept the site updated and helped with meeting monthly quotas for the client.

She said the amount she learned would be extremely helpful in seeking future careers.

“Wow, did I learn a lot! I have been interviewing for jobs, now that I am graduated, and I have been able to use my knowledge of WordPress and content creation to help boost my resume. It has been useful to know terms as well so when I am interviewing I can use that lingo to impress employers.”

Mikayla also expressed her gratitude for the Talent Pipeline Program.

“This was my second time through the Talent Pipeline Program. The first, with Rock Hill Economic and Urban Development, was amazing and I was so excited to get a second opportunity.”

The Talent Pipeline Program is meant to grow the pipeline between local students preparing for careers in the knowledge industry and local knowledge employers seeking employees with specific skills. 

This program is funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation, which the City of Rock Hill was awarded. The grant is used to pay for one-half the cost of internships for up to 38 students.

To learn more about the program and how you can get involved, check out the page here.