Manage Your Mid-Career Shift Successfully

Manage Your Mid-Career Shift Successfully

Bored or frustrated at work? Does it seem like a drag to get up and go to the same job everyday? If you have been experiencing the same feelings for years, then it might be time to consider a career change.

You might have been seeing signs for years pushing you toward change, but you have hesitated.

The word “change” can be scary, but it can mean a word of difference if the change you seek is handled correctly.

According to The Balance Careers, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 12 job changes) during his or her career. Many workers spend five years or less in every job, so they devote more time and energy transitioning from one job to another.

This means that if you feel like moving on to something that could better suit your lifestyle, skills, and/or abilities then it is actually more normal then you may think.

In order to transition successfully, the following tips can get you to where you really want to be:

Figure out what you want to be doing

What will make you happy and look forward to going in to work everyday? Is it a new job in the same field? New career in a different industry?

Have a transition plan

Be smart about this step. Consider your recurring monthly costs. Do you have money set aside to keep you and anyone you are supporting afloat until you find the new job? Consider the location of your new job. Will you have to move to accept the new job? Consider transparency with your current employer. Would you like it if one of your employees was planning to jump ship and you were hit with that information out of the blue?

Make certain you are sure and prepared about the change

Have you figured out everything you need for your new career, which can include: new skill sets you may have to adopt, an updated resume, a back-up plan? If you can say with 100 percent certainty that you are ready for change, then go for it.

Think of your years of experience as a positive thing. Use what you have learned to impress your new employer and land the job you really want.

Good luck!