Kristin Lemkau: From Aspiring Novelist to JP Morgan Chase CMO

Kristin Lemkau: From Aspiring Novelist to JP Morgan Chase CMO

by revenflo in Job Market 30/07/2018

Kristin Lemkau never thought she would be a chief marketing officer for anything. She always had it in her mind that she would be a successful writer.

After some attempts, she realized she did not have enough life experiences to write anything in-depth, so she turned to something new.

“I was learning how to tell a story authentically and truthfully and trying to do so for free,” Lemkau said.

After becoming a successful public relations person, Lemkau started to move up the ladder until she was finally where she thought she should be.

But she was not a traditionally trained consumer marketer, so she had to show she had what it took to be there.

“The marketing playbook changes every single year,” Lemkau said.

In order to keep up, Lemkau looks for people to surround herself with who are self-learners, innately curious, and who have shown some kind of grit or determination to something.

“I consider myself a major work in progress, I think personally and professionally” Lemkau said.

Just because you start off thinking you are going to be something specific, it does not limit you to just that.

Lemkau is a prime example of the saying “if you can put your mind to it, you can do it.”

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