Jesslyn Ham: Talent Pipeline Intern

Jesslyn Ham: Talent Pipeline Intern

The Talent Pipeline Program, funded by a Wells Fargo grant, connects local students to technology based internships at Rock Hill businesses. Through the TPP, Jesslyn Ham started as an intern for the City of Rock Hill. After two years of interning with Rock Hill Economic and Urban Development, she was offered a full-time position with the Arts Council of York County.

Q: When and where did you intern through the TPP?

A: I was an intern with the City of Rock Hill for two summers. The first summer I helped with event planning for Old Town, helping to plan and execute the Old Town Farmers Market, Food Truck Friday, Red White & Boom, and the Old Town Amphitheater Concert Series. The second summer that I was with them, I focused more on marketing for Old Town and the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation (RHEDC).

Q: What was one major takeaway from your internship?

A: My internship gave me experience that my classes never could. It’s one thing to learn about event planning, but its a whole different thing to be involved in planning and executing a real one—especially when some of the events bring thousands of people.

Q: What was your favorite part about your internship?

A: It was definitely my coworkers! With all of my group projects in school, I assumed that I wanted to work alone. But, with such great coworkers at the City, I got over my dislike for group work and really saw the value in working in teams and how much positivity work friends can add to a regular day at the office. It also didn’t hurt that we all shared an office.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: My career goals are to do event planning for a nonprofit. I would also love to design and sell stationary, invitations, and other paper goods. With an IMC degree, I have skills and interests across the board, so we’ll see what happens!