How To: Write a Thank You Letter

How To: Write a Thank You Letter

You can continue to make a good impression even after the interview is over and you’ve gone home.

Writing a thank you letter is one of the oldest and most sincere ways to show your gratitude.

If you feel like the interview went perfectly and you have a good chance at the job, then the thing that could catapult you to the top of the final candidate list is a well-crafted thank you email.

According to Amanda Augustine, a career advice expert for TopResume, the interview doesn’t end when you leave the company building, hang up the phone or end the Skype call.

“Sending the note sets you apart from the others,” Augustine said. “It shows the employer that you’re polite, that you can follow through, and that you’re truly interested in the role. Also, your note will demonstrate to the employer how well you can write and convey your thoughts in a short amount of space – a skill that is highly valued in myriad roles.”

It shouldn’t be immediately after the interview, because an employer might think you have a generic template that you send out. Augustine recommends that you send your customized and personalized thank you within 24 hours of the interview.

Now, time to construct the perfect thank you. Augustine recommends that you include:

  • Thanking the person for meeting with you
  • Mentioning something you liked about the interview
  • Reiterating your interest in the job
  • Addressing any concerns presented during the interview head-on and demonstrate you have what it takes to perform the job well
  • Including small details you learned about the person, such as a shared interest, to help jog the interviewer’s memory about your interview

If you include these in your thank you email, then you just might land the job for which you interviewed!

Happy writing!