How To: Make a Good Impression Before the Interview

How To: Make a Good Impression Before the Interview

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Companies are using more staffing agencies and recruiters to find qualified candidates to fill their positions these days, but you can still make an impression before you get the interview with the actual hiring manager.

Google it

Google allows you to access anything you want in seconds. Use it to your advantage. Google company history, current business standings, etc. This will show you did your unassigned homework (brownie points).

If they did not include the information on how to get to the building, Google it. Don’t call. Show that you can do things for yourself.

Dress well

Even though you might be meeting with a staffing or hiring agency before you actually get a foot in the door at the actual company, dress like you are going to the real interview. No ripped jeans, no flip flops, etc. You are ready to enter the professional world so dress like it.

Perfect the handshake

If you arrive and there is someone at the front desk to greet you, that’s where the pre-interview or interview starts. Introduce yourself and start handshaking. Don’t be a limp noodle. Be confident and firm with a friendly smile. You don’t know if the person at the front is a secretary or your interviewer, but good impressions on everyone will be extra points in your favor.

Hiring and staffing agencies will relay all the information they gathered about you to the hiring manager, so make sure you are on your A-game and you will get the interview and hopefully the job!

Good luck!