Don’t Let Age Limit You

Don’t Let Age Limit You

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Although there are laws in place to protect workers from age discrimination in the workplace, such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), there are still occurrences of ageism.

It can be difficult to prove, but in order to get your foot nonchalantly in the door to prove your worth, here are some tips to get you to the interview:

Manage your email address carefully

Some people include their birth year, graduation year or another significant year in their email address. Instead of use or another address that does not give any relevance to a specific year. Plus, it just looks more professional.

Leave those specific years off of your resume too

Nobody puts their birthday on resumes. Period. Some people like to include their graduation year on their resume. Do not. Let the hiring department see you earned your degree (because you worked hard for it) and when the time comes, let them know your graduation year.

Only include the recent stuff 

If you’ve been in the workplace for many years, you probably have a lot of experiences. That is great; however, there is no need to include every single job you’ve ever had. Include the most recent and most relevant experiences you have under your belt.

Show your ability to adapt

Everyone is capable of adapting. That is why we have survived for so long. Show employers in your skill set that you can easily adapt. That is a key trait that businesses and companies love.

If you can get to the interview, then you can show the value you can bring to the table. Blow their socks off and don’t let age be a limit for you. Use it and your experiences to your advantage.

Good luck!