Company Spotlight: Winbro Group Technologies

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Company Spotlight: Winbro Group Technologies

Winbro Group Technologies is a state-of-the-art manufacturer that creates cooling holes and forms that assist in smooth operation of aero and industrial gas turbines. Cooling holes keep turbines from over-heating, but also must be made in a way that they won’t compromise the operation of the equipment. High precision and cleanliness of parts is required. Watch the video below for a look into Winbro Group Technologies.

Winbro became a world leader in their industry because of their employees. Hiring quality workers from a wide range of disciplines has helped Winbro grow over the last 30 years. With the amount of on-the-job training they provide, you don’t have to be a lifelong machine operator to work with Winbro. You just need to be a motivated person willing to work with a team.

What makes Winbro a great place to work?

  • Work on a clean, temperature-controlled factory floor
  • Use new and innovative equipment as part of your everyday work
  • Be part of a dependable team that helps each other solve problems
  • Create precise work that keeps people safe and happy
  • Receive quality training from the ground up
  • Grow in your career with room for advancement

Visit the Winbro Group Technologies website to view current openings and apply today!