Company Spotlight: SEM

Company Spotlight: SEM

SEM moved to Rock Hill in 2008, moving into a 70,000-square-foot facility, adding 85 new jobs to its team. A manufacturer of specialty aerosols, adhesives and coatings, Sneckner Elliott Manufacturing (SEM) actually began in Belmont, California in 1948. They moved to Charlotte in 1992 and eventually were drawn in by Rock Hill’s exceptionally business-friendly environment and strong workforce. Their Waterford Park facility serves as both a manufacturing plant, and headquarters.

“The York County location offers us an environment that will help our company grow and meet the demands of our customers. South Carolina’s business-friendly climate and strong workforce offer us great opportunity to increase our competitive edge.”
-Steve Fussy, President of SEM Products

SEM is an employee-owned company that’s gone from manufacturing high quality residential paints to offering an exhaustive collection of repair and refinishing products.They’ve innovated with many products, including the first flexible coatings, the first product to replace OEM finish on new plastic bumpers and claddings, and the first professional sprayable truck-bed coating. They went on to become an industry leader by saving technician time and reducing waste.

“Founded on dignity and respect, SEM Products, Inc. considers employees its greatest long-term asset. SEM provides an exceptional workplace through its culture of empowerment, fairness and appreciation of all roles.”

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