Company Spotlight: Insignia

Company Spotlight: Insignia

Insignia specializes in automotive customization, providing unique accessory sales solutions and training. They bring together vehicle personalization expertise and technology to create a way of life for automotive dealerships and careers for individuals. Insignia streamlines the process of accessories sales, maximizing use-of-time and maintaining an efficient flow of info and transaction.

“Vehicle Personalization is a showroom process for presenting customization to retail vehicle buyers. By offering customers the opportunity to personalize, dealerships will sell more vehicles and create a better experience.This better experience exceeds the customer’s expectations, which increases the value of the purchase. This then enhances the long-term investment in the vehicle brand, and leads to referrals and repeat customers.” –

An Insignia Accessory System ensures accurate, quality data, tools, service, training, and support. Customers have come to depend on Insignia for the highest-level management of their automotive accessory sales. It’s an imperative part of running a profitable dealership and satisfying the automotive customer.

“Insignia’s mission is to lead dealers to develop successful Vehicle Personalization businesses. This involves educating dealership personnel regarding Vehicle Personalization sales processes, and providing visualization software to the automotive industry.” –

Started in 2000 by President David Stringer, Insignia was quick to break new ground and rise to the industry surface. In 2002, GM launched an accessories network for US dealerships. Insignia engineered a wholesale accessories catalog system that was GM took on as their default tool. This lead to a series of services for GM dealers created by Insignia.

From there, Insignia went on to produce cataloging systems and accessory solutions for global brands such as Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai, and Chrysler. More recently, Insignia has led the way education for dealerships in how to properly develop a Vehicle Personalization process.

They’ve gone on to launch the VW Accessory Builder application for Volkswagen and platforms for Jaguar and Land Rover.

“It’s really important to us to look locally because we know folks here are really looking to stay here to work.” – Insignia President David Stringer

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