Company Spotlight: Cap Yarns

Company Spotlight: Cap Yarns

Cap Yarns is a specialty yarn manufacturer with a plant in Clover, South Carolina. They produce dual-blends and tri-blends of cotton, polyester, rayon, modal, flax, bamboo, wool, and more. They are currently hiring and looking for dedicated manufacturing employees who put care into their work and enjoy creating high quality products. Cap Yarns works with direct customers as well as every link in the supply chain, delivering their specialty yarn to anyone who needs it.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturing job at a growing company, Cap Yarns is a great place to work. They have a wide variety of positions available for operators, techs, and haulers. View available jobs on their company page.

The italicized text below is from Cap Yarns’ website.

Cap Yarns is a specialty yarn manufacturer that goes way beyond the basics and is a leader in developing unique yarns for the knitting and weaving industry.

Cap Yarns has manufacturing plants in the Carolinas with high end fiber blending, sliver, roving and spinning frames to produce unique yarns. These specialty yarns include heathers, streaky, slubs, nubs, noils, melange and vintage combinations.

Cap Yarns specializes in producing dual-blends and tri-blends of Cotton (including Cationic Cotton, Organic Cotton, Pima Cotton), Polyester (including Recycled Polyester and Biodegradable Polyester), Rayon, Modal, Flax, Bamboo, Wool and more.


We are an innovative force in the specialty yarn business with the ability to do heathers, melanges, streaky, shantung, slubs, nubs and more. We make an average of 300,000 lbs of yarn a week.

Our key to success is helping you make unique product from start to finish. We pay special attention to help make your brand stand out from the rest. It is our business partnership that truly makes us different and we are passionate about helping you grow your business.