Company Spotlight: Cabteq

Company Spotlight: Cabteq

In 2016, when Ben Chapman left a 22-year career with dental equipment manufacturer Pelton & Crane to open CABTEQ Solutions, his goal was to generate fulfilling jobs in his hometown by way of high quality commercial and residential cabinetry. In very short order, Ben and his company found themselves at as a leading force in cabinet and storage needs for offices, construction companies, homeowners and many more.

They partnered with Pelton & Crane to broaden their reach and have gone on to provide top notch manufacturing of cabinetry and storage for companies and individuals all over the United States. They also offer furniture and interior design fully customized to the needs and tastes of clients from luxury hotels to veterinary offices.

“Our driving philosophy from day one has been ‘Employees First.’ We keep this in mind in every decision we make. Our core values are Commitment, Teamwork and Service. The continual focus on these three values assures our customers have the highest quality product in the marketplace”
-Ben Chapman, CEO, CABTEQ Solutions

CABTEQ has established themselves and an innovator with the airTec system, a method of bonding elements together through compressed and heated air that provides a seamless and perfect fusion of panels. This is a huge advantage, especially in medical environments where harsh chemicals are used to clean surfaces. Through this system, material panels leave no opening for those chemicals to soak in and degrade the structure over time.

“We offer commercial and residential cabinetry. With onsite designers, engineers and installers we are here from start to finish for your cabinet needs. We install locally but are able to ship anywhere in the US. We can transform any space into a dream space whether its an exam room, custom reception desk, bar, break room all the way to a custom master closet, garage or pantry. We are here to be your full solution for your cabinet needs.”
CABTEQ Solutions, LLC

CABTEQ Solutions has three teams of employees that fulfill the needs of clients at home and around the country to ensure CABTEQ standards are completed from start to finish on all projects. They provide their employees with cutting edge technology and an environment where they can thrive.

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