Company Spotlight: BASELoad

Company Spotlight: BASELoad

Preferred Provider Organizations are one of the most popular types of individual and family healthcare plans. Managing data for these organizations is complex and challenging. That’s where BASELoad comes in. They provide clean, accurate, and uniform healthcare databases for claims adjudication. They specialize in converting PPO data for providers, facilities, and customized fee schedules.

BASELoad’s top-tier status is driven by their insistence on putting aside “standard” procedures and ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches. Their solutions are built for the individual organization from top to bottom. That’s what allows them to offer an unprecedented 99% guarantee that claims will find the correct provider at the correct address on the organization’s system without human intervention.

“At BASELoad , we are committed to providing cutting edge solutions for our clients that significantly reduce operational costs and increases auto-adjudication rates. We put all our focus and energy on provider information enabling us to become the standard for provider data. Since 1999, we have been building provider and claim related solutions by listening to our clients. Our clients have a great impact and voice in new product development as well as enhancements to existing product offerings.” -Gerard Szatkowski, President & CEO

BASELoad was started in 1999 and prides itself on accuracy and efficiency in provider and fee data. They’ve built up an extensive group of clients among third party administrators, insurance companies, self-funded employers, PPOs, Associations, Managed Care Organizations, and Unions.

The BASELoad method results in an unmatched efficiency and cost savings for organizations. This is yielded through reduced NPI compliance and integration costs, fewer re-issued checks and associated costs, lower costs for manually reviewed claims, reduced fines due to inaccurate 1099s, fewer payments toward fraudulent claims and sanctioned providers, and improved, lower-cost payment methods.

“BASELoad was able to do a clean-up on our provider data which had had a history of internal data loads from acquisitions that had caused a lot of duplicate providers. The clean-up improved our auto-adjudication rate by 13% in just one day. BASELoad has been instrumental in working with us to continuously improve the efficiencies of our provider database. They are a very good group of people to work with.” – Humana/Comp Benefits

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