Company Spotlight: AquaSol

Company Spotlight: AquaSol

Founded in nearby Pineville, NC, AquaSol started out as Tillet Chemical in 1958. Catering to what was a booming textile industry in the area, the company produced starch-based dye thickeners. Today, the process remains part of the company’s core competency but has since evolved into what we now know as AquaSol, located on N. Anderson Road in Rock Hill.

Throughout AquaSol’s history, the company has expanded its markets to include starch-based derivatives for oil and gas, adopted a new eco-friendly manufacturing process that prompted a restructuring in their facility, has explored other naturally based polymer derivatives to better serve the market.

If you’ve ever eaten a greasy hamburger or French fries, AquaSol’s paper solutions may have had a hand in keeping your food from becoming messy thanks to their oil and grease resistant (OGR) paper products such as AquaBloc. AquaSol’s AquaBloc product series introduces naturally based products that provide OGR performance without the expense and typical penalties associated with traditional materials.

With regards to oil and gas, water, and industrial drilling, AquaSol offers innovative products that help increase efficiency. They assist these industries in fluid loss control with bio-based solutions and needs-specific products that work at varying depths and temperatures to increase productivity, improve drilling performance, and lower costs associated with drilling. –

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