Company Spotlight: American Roller Company

Company Spotlight: American Roller Company

American Roller Company specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial rollers, specialty roller coverings, and coatings. With ten locations in the US and China, one of which is in Rock Hill, American Roller Company serves as a leader in their industry.

Founded in 1938, American Roller Company has continuously grown and expanded by acquiring or starting many divisions to diversify their services including Plasma Coatings, C.R.E.W, ARCOTEQ Group, PT-MAT, ARC Engineered Products in Shanghai China.

“Throughout our history, we have continually broadened our research, development and production technology in many locations in the U.S and China. We differentiate ourselves by anticipating market needs and developing state-of-the-art, engineered solutions that help our customers stay at the forefront of their industries.” –

American Roller Company’s key to success has been in their ability to anticipate market needs and continuously developing solutions that help their customers stay at the forefront of their industries. What’s more, Dan Cahalane, president explains that he is proud of recent hires from 2- and 4-year technical colleges.

Another key to American Roller’s success is the importance placed on their commitment to offering innovative product solutions to their customers, their focus on fully engaging their employees’ talents, and actively seeking out ways to improve in all aspects.

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