Company Spotlight: 3D Systems

Company Spotlight: 3D Systems

Rock Hill based 3D Systems is a 3D solutions company that connects customers with customized digital manufacturing in order to solve problems in many industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, dental, durable goods, teaching and training, and entertainment.

Being the first 3D printing company in the world, 3D Systems is a leading provider of content-to-print solutions. Recently, 3D Systems announced a bioprinting agreement with United Therapeutics Corporation.

This multi-year agreement includes collaboration with 3D Systems, United Therapeutics, and Lung Biotechnology PBC.

“Our partnership with 3D Systems is a major step forward in creating an unlimited supply of tolerable transplanted organs,” said Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Therapeutics.  “By cellularizing scaffolds created with 3D Systems printers with a patient’s own cells, there will no longer be a need for immunosuppression and a vastly greater number of patients can extend their enjoyment of life through organ transplantation.”

They will begin by collaborating to develop and print lung scaffolds, but the goal is to develop and print solid-organ scaffolds. This technological alternative to human organs would create an unlimited supply of organs for transplantation.

“As a global leader in healthcare solutions, we are part of many developments and applications for 3D printing coming together including bioprinting,” said Vyomesh Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of 3D Systems. “We believe bioprinting is a powerful opportunity and we are uniquely positioned with the broadest portfolio of technologies to partner with companies of the caliber of United Therapeutics to provide healthcare solutions of the future.”

Bioprinting is only one of the many markets in which 3D Systems devotes its printing technologies. They are also known for revolutionizing plastics products in the automotive industry, improving quality control for metal parts in the aerospace industry and streamlining workflow for organic design in the durable goods industry.

3D Systems contributes to Rock Hill’s knowledge economy by providing an experience that changes how people work and live. They currently have over 25 job openings listed on our site and are seeking local talent to join their team.

There are full time positions and internships currently open in the following fields: software engineering, applications engineering, technical writing, strategy/marketing, process development engineering, and more. To see more about each position, you can register here.