Cameron Corcoran: Talent Pipeline Intern

Cameron Corcoran: Talent Pipeline Intern

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The Talent Pipeline Program, funded by a Wells Fargo grant, connects local students to technology based internships at Rock Hill businesses. Through the TPP, Cameron Corcoran began interning at Insignia Group in February of 2017. He is a student at Winthrop University with plans to graduate in the fall with a degree in Digital Information Design with a focus in Digital Mass Media.

Q: When and where did you intern through the TPP?

A: In February of 2017 I interned at Insignia Group in Rock Hill. This was a few months after my previous internship at RevenFlo (although that wasn’t through TPP).

Q: What was one major takeaway from your internship?

A:Since I have been able to work side by side with the president of the company it has given me a new perspective on how I look at my work. I try to be critical of my work and put my best foot forward because anything I create will represent both the President and the company. I have learned to take a step back and rethink my projects that I thought were finished.

Q: What was your favorite part about your internship?

A: My favorite part of my internship was when I completed the main project I was given. For about 5 weeks I built a new website for Insignia Group. Their old site was very hard on the eyes and I genuinely wanted to help them upgrade their look. After a lot of coding (which I am not particularly good at), several different versions of the site being built, and a stressful testing period I was able to launch their new site. It was satisfying to tackle all the obstacles I faced but more satisfying to hear the recognition I got for getting it done.

Q: What is your current job and position?

A: I am the Hubspot Operations Specialist at Insignia Group. Right when my classes for the spring semester was over they wanted me to work full time.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: One day I hope to get into the film or video game industry. I have always had a passion for creating things and entertaining people. I hope I can one day be a part of a project that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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