Boost Your Job Skills or Resume with York Tech Boot Camps

Boost Your Job Skills or Resume with York Tech Boot Camps

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Do you work in an environment that keeps diving deeper and deeper into the digital world? Maybe it started with a cloud-based project management or filing system, but technology is encroaching on your daily life at a rate you simply can’t ignore. Perhaps your skills are outdated for the positions you’re applying for but you keep submitting applications in hope of a breakthrough.

If you like the job you’re doing but the tasks keep moving toward technical skills that you don’t have, you may find yourself suffering from Imposter Syndrome. It’s a psychological phenomenon, a common scenario where a professional feels inadequate or underqualified to do the job they currently hold.

Whether you are intimidated by tech advancements or feel as though you’re not talented enough to hold onto your current position, follow a few of these suggestions to get out of your career rut.


Find A Mentor:

Look at your network on LinkedIn. Who is currently working directly in the area where you are hoping to build your skillset? If you’re not connected to anyone personally, look for mutual connections and ask them to introduce you. A mentor can give you the real-world view that you need to move forward. Perhaps there’s a book you can read, a Meet-Up group for networking, or a class that you can take.

The big question to ask when it comes to technology: Is the path that I’m researching possible without a degree or additional formal training? Once you have the answer, you can truly move forward in a specific direction.


Big Picture View:

Look at the big picture and imagine the future in your current position. Will the skill set list keep growing, making it impossible for you to keep up without additional training? If the answer is yes, make a list to prioritize trainings and immediate needs. Start at the beginning and map out the long-term path: If you get abc training, it will make you capable for xyz. After the initial training, will you be eligible for advancements? If the answer is yes, make sure that you want to advance in that direction.

List all of the training and education items that you need to succeed. What’s the best route for your lifestyle and situation? Many people who are interested in improving their tech skills at work have tremendous work talent and industry experience, they just need a refresher or more up-to-date information to succeed. If you have a full-time position and need to work while you’re training, may technical schools offer modified schedules to accommodate full-time workers.


Consider Technical Schools and Community Colleges

Did you know that York Tech in Rock Hill offers nearly 80 programs aimed at working adults who would like to change careers or advance with their current employer? In the Fall, they are offering four coding Boot Camps, teaching individuals to code in just three short weeks. If you don’t have time for on-campus training, check the website for current offerings available online.

If you’re still overwhelmed at the thought of seeking out additional training, don’t let inaction drive imposter syndrome into a reality. It is often a self-fulling prophecy in that your negative attitudes affect your behaviors, which will eventually impact job performance. There’s no shame in brushing up on your skills, especially in today’s digital workplace, so make a pivot and acquire the skills that will help you succeed.